How We're Different

We are different from our competitors. Take a look at what separates us from the competition.

True Understanding of our Client Industries

WHAT IT MEANS: We map the nature of your business to customized HR solutions
WHY IS IT IMPORTANT: Our clients spend less time training us on their industry and more time focusing on their core business.

Complex HR Solutions Are Our Specialty

WHAT IT MEANS: We pride ourselves on figuring out the answers to some of the most complicated questions and designing strategies related to HR, Payroll, Taxes, Benefits, Workers Compensation, etc.
WHY IS IT IMPORTANT: Anyone can do the basics. Our focus is on creating solutions to complex problems that prevent your business from moving forward and increasing profits.

We are a One Stop Shop

WHAT IT MEANS: We are a full-service HR Management Company. We can provide solutions ranging from weekly payroll runs to fully outsourced HR solutions consisting of Workers Compensation, Benefits, Insurance, Risk Management, Safety and HR Strategies.
WHY IS IT IMPORTANT: By consolidating all of your HR, Payroll and Benefit needs under one company, you eliminate the need for multiple invoices, managing different technology platforms, maximize your cost savings and have a single point of contact for all of your needs.

Financially Fit

WHAT IT MEANS: We have a long history of strong financials, including audited financials going back to 1996. In addition, we have financing strategies to help with cash flow.
WHY IS IT IMPORTANT: Our financials are in great shape which means we aren’t going anywhere. We don’t need to use financial reasons as an excuse to delay results for our clients.


WHAT IT MEANS: We work within the boundaries of what our clients need but we also understand that the unexpected happens.
WHY IS IT IMPORTANT: We ensure all of our clients have access to our HR subject matter experts on an as needed basis. If client priorities or needs change, we can quickly adapt to assist our clients.

Access to Tailored Benefit Plans

WHAT IT MEANS: We offer proprietary benefit plans that aren’t available anywhere else in the marketplace as well as traditional benefit plans such as Blue Cross Blue Shield
WHY IS IT IMPORTANT: Our clients can offer benefit packages to their employees that aren’t available anywhere else. This helps our clients attract and retain the best employees possible.

We Take Swift Action

WHAT IT MEANS: Our Service Delivery Model uses a “single point of contact” approach that is supported by an entire team of Benefit, HR and Payroll Professionals. Using industry leading technology, we can quickly assess your current situation and provide immediate guidance.
WHY IS IT IMPORTANT: Important HR issues usually need to be addressed immediately. Our Team acts immediately to assess the situation and collect all of the information needed. This ensures issues are accurately responded to quickly which provides protection to our clients and peace of mind knowing that issues won’t linger.

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