Human Resource Solutions

Employees Only is a full-service HR Management Company

Our team of HR Experts can help you with the most administrative of tasks to some of the most complex human resource management issues that are facing your company. Either way, we are able to assist by freeing up your time and provide peace of mind that these items are being addressed by a team of HR Experts.

Get The Best for Your Organization

We provide customized solutions that encompass various advantages which are available to our clients on an ala carte basis.  The focus of our solutions is to support the needs of our clients while providing our clients with confidence that their HR needs are covered.

All of our solutions are powered by an industry leading HR Information System and technology platform.  At Employees Only, we believe that it isn’t just about having the best technology but rather being the best at utilizing the technology to meet the needs of our clients.

Some of the advantages that make up our solutions include:

Human Resources Management

We offer a wide variety of HR Management solutions including full on-boarding of new employees to staff morale strategies to certification monitoring. We can serve as a full HR Department or an extension of our clients’ existing HR Department. Learn More >>

Access to Proprietary and Group Benefit Plans

We offer our own proprietary health plans in addition to group benefit plans that feature HMO and PPO plans from large carriers. We also offer dental, vision, life, disability, FSA, HSA, HRA and prescription drug plans. The plans are designed to offer premium benefits at reasonable prices so that our clients can use benefits as a tool to attract and retain the best employees for their organization. Learn More >>

Payroll Processing

To provide protection and assurance, your business must select an organization that provides a certified statement of audited financials by an independent CPA firm. Our fully integrated, high-end software system facilitates expert and timely handling of your payroll and taxes and provided enhanced record keeping. We are also able to provide PTO tracking, viewable employee paystubs and integration with your time clock and accounting systems. Learn More >>

Workers Compensation

We provide WC insurance, Safety and Return-to-Work Programs. The advantages of these programs include guaranteed rates for the length of your contract, after you submit the First Report of Injury Form 100 we handle all of the paperwork and for most clients we don’t require a 25% deposit as a pre-payment for workers compensation insurance.
Learn More >>

Risk Mitigation & Compliance

All business ventures present some degree of risk. We help keep you in regulatory and legal compliance. Our insurance solutions range from property and casualty policies to Employment Practices Liability (EPLI) to Cyber Liabilities due to breaches of IT systems and/or privacy related issues. Learn More >>

Offer Investment Options Such as 401k

With over 50 options to choose, ranging from guaranteed funds to aggressive international stocks, we can create a custom-tailor plan designed to fit both the business and the employees. We have partnered with a top firm in the field of 401k to help design, implement and service our clients who elect to offer 401k benefits to their employees. Learn More >>

Educational Services

Our Team of HR Experts specializes in assisting School Boards and Administrators responsible for the human resources management and cost control related to Public Schools and Charter Academies. With Employees Only, you can focus on curriculum and cash flow while we manage costs and respond to Staff questions. Learn More >>

“Employees Only is a professional organization from all departments. My payroll is always on time and accurate and their online system is very user friendly. Their HR professionals are extremely knowledgeable and can handle any sticky human resource problem that is thrown their way.” – COO of a Rehabilitation Center

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